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Small Batch Brewed Kombucha

Island Raw Kombucha is hand crafted on island with all natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients, making for a smooth line of delectable flavours.  Every bottle is infused with superfoods that are both healthy and delicious! 

We have over 15 flavours that have been created and we are always innovating and experimenting with new taste sensations. 

What is Kombucha?

But a bubbly fruit or herb infused fermented tea that is served chilled. 

What is it good for?

It is a potent probiotic that is good for the gut and is high in B vitamins that help destress and give us energy.

What's in it?

We only use a high quality Green Tea as the base so this makes for a powerful antioxidant, rich with nutrients because of the fruit and herbs that are infused. 

Does it have Sugar?

Sugar is the food source for the fermentation process so most of the sugar is burned off so the end product is very low in sugar and calories. 

Artisanally Crafted Chocolate

Our chocolate is made from the very best organic ingredients and is completely raw and vegan. 

A unique dark chocolate that isn't bitter and sweeten only with maple syrup. 

With an assortment of choices to choose from that are infused with adaptogenic herbs, rose petals, super foods like moringa, turmeric, or spirulina will have you soaring to your greatest heights. There are also some packed with nuts and seeds which makes them more then just a savory sweet sensation it's a guilt free nourishing your body good feeling that will fill that hunger bug and give you the energy you need!

Vegan, Vegetarian Food

Because Your Body is a Temple

We have made it our mission to prove that a plant-based diet can be satisfying, energizing and crave-able. 

Island Raw is your source for modern vegan food.


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